Curriculum & Timetable.

Our flexible curriculum, follows parts of the national curriculum and places our childrens’ personal and social development at the very centre, helping to create well rounded, happy children. There are daily lessons in Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Reading and we deliver a range of other lessons throughout the working week.

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Innovative Learning

Children are encouraged and supported to re-engage in education, develop improved control over their behaviours and a develop a deeper sense of self both as a member of the school community and society as a whole. During the school year we enhance our curriculum with specialist workshops (e.g. in music and drama) and other activities (e.g. social events and charity fundraising). We invite appropriate professionals from a range of disciplines to actively work with us to support our children’s progress, this encourages our children to learn about the world of work, trades and industries.

Lunchtime clubs

Our children are offered the opportunity to explore hobbies that they may not know they have. Throughout our academic year we offer a timetable of hobbies that our children can trial and explore. Our aim is for our children to learn how to look after others including animals and have a love for nature, we use lunchtime clubs within our working academic week, to enhance the child’s academic abilities.


Merrywood House provides a range of experiences outside of our schooling day to bring a rich and diverse curriculum to our children. Our activities have a range of purposes, including practical skills such as budgeting, shopping and food preparation. We want children to feel comfortable and able to interact within mainstream activities and become tolerant, resilient and worldly after they leave Merrywood House.

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