Merrywood will only start a consultation with the permission of the local authority. This is to avoid raising what might be premature or unrealistic expectations for the child and parent. Please be aware the Local Authority will typically consult with more than one school to ensure they can meet the needs of your child.

We work with children who already have an Educational Health Care Plan and where Merrywood can be named as the preferred school. We are aware of the apprehension that comes from the process of moving children from mainstream schools to alternative/special schools and this is taken into full consideration when discussing school placements.

Merrywood does not want to admit a child who’s needs we are not able to meet, we do not want to cause further disruption to a child’s learning and therefore have an admissions procedure that allows both child and parent to view Merrywood, but allows Merrywood to assess whether we are the best school for the child.


1. The Local Authority will ask Merrywood to consult with them in regard to a child’s place, they will provide the paperwork available – child’s Educational Health Care Plan or Statement and other reports, this will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure we can meet the initial needs of the child. If the team feels Merrywood could offer a place it would then create a support package plan for the child. Please be aware that our multi-disciplinary team will make a decision based on the school as a whole and will take into consideration the needs of every child.

If the parent contacts Merrywood directly – a visit will be arranged to discuss things further. Unless a parent is paying the fee’s privately, at this stage it is simply a visit to see the school and then will be down to the parent to contact their Local Authority. A place will not be offered unless a full consultation has been approved by the Local Authority.

2. If Merrywood feels it can offer a position within the school, then the admissions team will arrange a home visit to get to the know the child and home. This will act as a Q+A session for both parent/carer and the school.

3. Following the success of steps 1 & 2 – a visit will be arranged for parent/Carer and child to visit Merrywood.

4. The child’s previous school placement will be contacted for more information if required.

5. The child will then attend a taster session with Merrywood. This will serve as a way of seeing if the daily structure suits the child’s needs.

6. We will consult with parents/carer, Local Authority, previous therapy teams and school’s placement to seek advice on what they feel the child needs. This will support our model of best partnership practice and ensure that we have the best possible start with the child, should a place be offered.

7. If Merrywood believes we have carried out all of the procedures needed to make the best judgement on successful placement, whilst meeting the needs of the child, then we will make a formal place offer to the Local Authority and inform the parent / carer. We will include an outline of any proposed transition plan and support plan.

8. The final decision will be made by the Local Authority who will inform the parent / carer accordingly.

9. Merrywood will agree a start date once the placement is confirmed by the Local Authority. Merrywood will write to the parent / carer to provide all the information required by us. Forms will need to be completed before the child starts at Merrywood.

10. A home school agreement will be required for each family and we ask that this is kept central to the support of the school, to ensure we can work together on the child’s development.

11. Parents/Carers are encouraged to bring their child on their 1st day and meet the team.

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If you'd like to go through the admissions process, visit our page dedicated to Admissions to Merrywood House School here.

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